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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is a Prop Firm?
What is Inspire Funding?
Who can apply to become a trader at Inspire Funding?
How much trading capital will I receive?
What is the profit-sharing arrangement?
Are there IP address restrictions?
Are there any trading restrictions?
Can I trade part-time or do I need to commit full-time?
How is my performance monitored?
What trading platforms are supported?

General Rules

How to become Inspire Funded?
What are our Evaluations?
Do you allow scalping?
Can I Copy Trade?
Do you allow News Trading?
Do you allow trades to be held over the weekend?
What payment methods can I use?
Is Inspire Funding suitable for new traders?
Will I be refunded the Evaluation fee?
What happens after I pass my Evaluation?


Who is your Broker?
What is your Leverage?
What are the trading hours?
When is the daily max limit reset?
What is the commission fee structure for accounts?
Can my account stay inactive?
What is the maximum daily loss?
Can I trade using malicious practices?
What is your Swap?
What is the trading platform?

Evaluation Rules

Is copy trading allowed?
What is an Evaluation?
How long do I have to pass an Evaluation?
Do I have to cover my losses?
Do you have a consistency rule?
Do you allow Expert Advisors (EAs)?
Can I make changes to the account?

Inspire Funded Rules

How to become Inspire Funded?
How many minimum trading days as an Inspire Funded trader?
Can I merge accounts?
What is your max allocation?
Do you allow News Trading?
How frequent are payouts?
How do i get my certificate?
Is stop loss mandatory?
How do you Process Payouts?
What happens after I pass my Evaluation?


Can I have more than 1 entry for your competitions?
How often are your competitons?
Are competition accounts the same as normal accounts?
What platform are giveaway accounts?
What are the prizes?
Are competitions free?


How does the affiliate commission structure work at Inspire Funding?
What incentives do affiliates receive for their performance?
What is the Affiliate "Double Up" scheme?
Can I participate in an affiliate collaboration where an account is provided upfront?
Are there any restrictions on who can become an affiliate?
How often are affiliate commissions paid out?
How do I refer someone to become a trader with Inspire Funding?
Can I promote Inspire Funding on social media and other platforms?
How can I track my affiliate commissions and referrals?
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Investors must exercise caution as trading involves significant risk, and they could lose their entire investment. It is recommended that investors only put at risk capital that would not adversely affect their financial position or life circumstances if lost. Trading should only be undertaken with an amount of capital that investors are comfortable risking, and only if they have sufficient funds to support their trading style. Trading with high leverage may increase risks if not used judiciously.

Any past performance indicated by Inspire Funding serves only for illustrative purposes and does not guarantee future results. The information provided on this website and its affiliates is for informational purposes only and should not be treated as investment advice, an offer to buy or sell any securities, companies or funds, or as an endorsement of any kind. Testimonials provided may not be indicative of future performance or success. Inspire Funding does not accept client deposits and as such is not required to be authorized by regulatory authorities, as the company does not conduct any regulated activities other than Prop Trading and Trading Education, and program fees go towards operational expenses.
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